Cronyism? Channel 10 report

Deerfield Beach cronyism? Past Mayor Peggy Noland, City Manager Burgess Hanson, and Current Mayor Bill Ganz – is this small click scratching each other’s back at the expense of the taxpayer.

See link below to read full article.



  1. you do notice Burgess can’t speak properly to save his life right? It’s an internal joke between us managers the da da da da da uhhh uuhhhhh what??? I still remember the previous hurricane when he was instructing the police chief to arrest people he saw at the pier, and how had to be reminded that his directive was illegal. He turned red and couldn’t finish talking

    Here is some homework for you dear blogger:

    – Love Affair between Kara Petty and shnack, ask Kara’s husband, the firefighter with the non-working hose.

    – Kickbacks Burgess and his friends get from CGA (check how much the contract has been raised)

    – Kickbacks from other vendors they use regardless of how unreasonable their price is, so much for an assistant city mgr/purchasing director

    – the fact Burgess has 2 of his beloved friends as his assistant city managers but they are still directing parks and purchasing even if those departments already have new directors (AHEM KICKBACKS)

    – did you know before Ganz became mayor, Burgess and Ganz would have dinner together at each other’s houses, and go on pleasure trips together? Ganz keeps visiting Hanson’s place in Wellington to talk “work” and count the money

    – A member of the IT Dept. they use to spy on people they are planning to get rid off, including previous city manager, guess which one? yes, the one before Burgess became city manager. How do you think Dabrusco got away from the harassing charges at the pier?

    – The use of private investigators to walk around employees houses and look through their windows at the tax payer expense, just because city hall no longer likes them.

    – Hanson’s secretary made HR director? who confessed having sex with Burgess to an employee she eventually fired. She has an Alcohol problem and she spills the beans when she talks, and admits to being a bully and taking advantage of her position, advising young employees not to have children.

    – Has anyone done background checks on dear vendors that are pretty much a one-man-band/company? So many surprises, felonies and child porn cases (also some firefighters that were allowed to retire when fire was part of the city)

    I could go on and on, but will come back later when I’m less busy.


  2. The affair is know by all staff, she acknowledges it with people she trusts. You should see now that there’s a new young cute police officer at the commission meetings, Kara gets out of the meeting to make sure the chief is not hitting on her outside in the dark. They say they were making out when they all stayed at the moc during the hurricane


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